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The causes of anger is often stripped down to 5 main things. While many different events trigger it, there are still only five real causes of anger.

It is important to remember that anger is really a good emotion that you have. Its highest use is it gives you energy from within when the times come that you feel you need to defend yourself.

In life you meet people and situations where it becomes necessary for you to stand up for your own program. Your anger is supposed to give you that extra edge to help you to stand.

Sometimes there is a problem that needs to be fixed, you want to be able to use your anger to get certain wrongs fixed. There are legitimate causes of anger, and these also have to be fixed responsibly.

Many people will try to make you feel like it is wrong to become angry. Modern thinking would say that anger is an unnecessary and immature response to life's situations. This is not always true though. Anger that is smothered can hurt you more sometimes than anger that you let out.

What we are doing here though is making it so that when it is let out, it is under control and not misguided or it will turn on you and hurt you anyway. That's a part of its nature.

Your specific causes of anger…

To understand and control your specific causes of anger there are some starting questions that you can ask yourself. And there are some feelings that you can turn over in your mind.

You can ask…

Am I feeling pain? In my body? In my mind? In my feelings?

Is there something that is making me feel like a failure?

Is someone rejecting me in one way or another?

Is there something that I should have that I do not have?

Is someone disrespecting me in any way?

Am I being treated unfairly?

Is someone taking from me and not giving in return?

Am I being envious or jealous of someone else? So how do you begin to control your reactions to anger…?

You do understand that you will never stop getting angry?

One reason for this is because other people will always do wrong sometimes. You can't control them. But you can control the way you respond to the things you get mad about.

It is likely that the way you act when angry is the way that you have always acted when angry from the time you were a child.

You see the way you act when you are angry is something that you have learned. And it is something that you will unlearn.

Decide ahead of time how you are going to act when you become angry. It is not that easy…but it is that simple. When you do this it does not matter what the causes of anger are. You will still be the one in control.

Learn more about how to solve your problems. A lot of your frustration may be in not knowing what to do. Find out what your main problems are and then work them out.

You can also change the way you look at the world. The causes of anger are always about how things affect you. Realize that there are just some things that you can do nothing about. If and when that is the truth, these things should not bother you. Just adapt.

But when you can make changes use a bit of courage and creativity (and maybe even anger) to do so.

I think that an effective way of dealing with the causes of anger is to continue to raise the level of what it takes to frustrate you. As you go along you continue to build strength as you continue to refuse to be offended because of anything.

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