Coping With Anger Is Not Right!

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Coping with anger is not something that you want to do. What you need to do, is understand that you are angry and then get rid of the anger.When you are simply coping with anger, you are allowing anger to remain inside you and you are further allowing it to affect and maybe even shape your experiences.

Why You Want To Get It Out.

One of the biggest reasons why you will want to make sure that you get anger out of you is because latent or suppressed anger with time is likely to turn into rage. The problem with anger inside you is that if it is not removed, it will grow into something that you cannot handle.

Just coping with, instead of removing anger can make you sick. It has even been found that it in a high percentage of stroke sufferers that the person having the stroke had had a bad experience with anger on the very same day that they suffered the stroke.

Not only is it likely to make you sick, but doing it will also stop you from making your best decisions. You know already that the decisions that are made when you are angry are not good ones. So imagine if you are constantly angry, or constantly coping; under these conditions your best life will never be lived.

Things will never be as good as they could have been if you were free of suppressed anger.

How To Tell If You Are Only Coping

If you are only coping with anger, you will find that you will be most comfortable in the presence of angry people. You will listen to songs that speak of anger, your movies will be filled with violence, and you will think that the other people around you are angry also. These thoughts about other people will eventually cause you to look at people with suspicion. You will be suspicious about things that a person who is not angry would not even notice.

You should also look to see how often you feel tired. This is because when angry the body spends a lot of time preparing itself to either run away or fight off someone who is attacking you. When your body works hard a lot of the time your tiredness will further work to complicate and increase your angry feelings.

Being Free From Just Coping

Being free from just coping with anger will ultimately involve you being able to forgive other people and then move on. You see if anger is a problem for you, you are the one who must solve it. It is not okay for you to be angry because someone else has caused you to be angry.Coping with your anger will hurt you more than it hurts anyone else that you know. Your job is to release the anger, and then make sure that it does not come back.

One of the best ways to do this is by taking an anger management class.

Coping with anger will not accomplish your best ideals. Learn how to get rid of it.

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