Rage Control

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Rage control is about making sure that you do not lash out in violence for whatever reason. The rage situation says that once your anger is up to the place where you are enraged it has already gone too far. You need to get a grasp on and defuse your angry feelings before they reach the stage where it looks and acts like rage.

Rage is all about destruction. When rage control is absent, property is damaged, and people are injured and sometimes killed.

Safety Tip

If you are around someone that is enraged you should do one of two things. You should either leave the area and go to someplace safe, or you speak to an enraged person softly.

When I say softly, I mean that your words and the tone you speak with should not be confrontational to this person while he is still feeling the heat from his rage. Your words should submissive and they should also be delivered calmly. You can always banter for your rights with this person later when he is calmer.

No Drugs For You

If you are the person who is trying to understand rage control, you should think about doing it without the use of drugs. It is thought that drugs can be used to control control. In fact they can when used correctly, but when they can be avoided they should be avoided.

If you have instructions from your medical professional prescribing drugs to control rage then you should do what they say. However, you should not go looking for these drugs on your own. What you will find is that physical exercise that is vigorous and regular will have many of the same effects that drugs do.

Consistent exercise will change your bodies' chemistry so that you do not become angry as easily as if you did not exercise.

Who Is Important

An important part of your rage control strategies should be to consider regularly your importance to yourself. When you get enraged, you put your own dreams in danger.

Do you have any dreams or ambitions? If not you may feel as if you don't really matter, not even to yourself. You fix this by figuring out some way that you can gain satisfaction from being in the world, and then start working on doing this.

Once you know and are sold on what you want, you are less likely to let the "unimportant" people get in your way. Your dream needs to be big enough to get and hold your attention.

A dream that is big and achievable is a good rage control. Use it.

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