Releasing Anger Properly!

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Releasing anger is looked at from a number of different ways. There is a release of anger that is created today right here in the moment. And there is the releasing anger as the release of anger that has been stored up since you were a child.

Those in the second camp would say to you that this anger that needs to be released got into you when you were a child. It is thought that your parents or caretakers stopped you from crying and the result of it was suppressed anger. The belief is that unknowingly, they put you in a position where your anger was suppressed and stored instead of being released.

These people would say to you that you get this type of anger out of you by beating on an object, like a pillow or punching bag while at the same time imagining that you are hitting that caretaker who you are in fact (in their opinion) angry with.

Everything Has Failed

There are also another group of thinkers who say that releasing anger is a way of thinking that is used when all other anger management techniques have failed.

Assertiveness comes highly recommended as an anger management technique for releasing anger. It is explained that when being assertive has had no effect on the people who provoke you to anger, that you then need to release it.

Their technique of releasing anger is to have you change your way of thinking about a particular situation. You are to just recognize that you cannot change everything and anybody, and when you can't do it, it is nothing to belittle yourself about.

To cope, all you need to do is just have a different type of maturity or have enough self confidence and discipline to live in a world that is not perfect according to your standards. If you do this you will see that the shortcomings of your neighbors are nothing for you to be angry about.

This may sound like you are suppressing your anger, but you are not. In this case, it is more as if you have made a decision to forgive both past and future annoyances. This too is a correct way of releasing anger.

Do An Anger Management Class

If you feel as if you are having a difficult time with properly releasing your anger, and you want to do something about it before something really bad happens then you should do an anger management class.

An anger management class will cost less than going to a therapist. If you do a private or an online class, you will have many of the important issues explained to you without you having to put your private business out in front of a group.

If you find that you need more help than what the anger management class was able to provide then what you have learned in your class will be valuable help to you and your guide or therapist on the next step of your plan to release anger.

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