Controlling my anger.

by C.M.C.
(Nassau Bahamas)

As a Christian, we already have certain standards we have to keep. Though this does not excuse, Christians are emotional creatures as well so therefore we do get angry. The bible is the manual for us to follow,therfore it includes and addresses how to control anger.

So as a Chrisitian, I would make a list, it doesn't have to be alot but just right down a couple versus that adresses anger and feed my spirit with them so that every time I start to become angry I can just feed those verses back to myself and watch God's power work. Pray and believe that my anger with get under control. God tells us to remind him of what he promised us, so this way, I can bring the remembrance back to Him for his deliverance.

Whenever I get weak, I feed my spirit with the word of God directly related to the issues at the present time.

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