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There is one magical ingredient that is necessary for any single one or all of the anger management strategies you try to work. Without this ingredient nothing happens, but with it the chances of success sky rockets into greater possibilities.

Nobody can give you this ingredient; you have to bring it with you when you put your strategies in place. The good thing about it is that if you are reading this page you are likely to already have some of this ingredient with you right now. It is just a matter of how strong it is.

This ingredient is the want to change. Notice that what you need is not the need to change, but the want to change.

There are some very successful anger management classes. You will find classes where 98% which is almost all of the people who do the lessons recognize in less than two months that their outlook and behavior toward anger is 20% better than it was just eight weeks earlier.

I can say 20% better because there are ways of measuring a person's anger levels, and a good anger management class will measure it when you go in, and when you are coming out.

However, it was always found that the ones who got the anger management strategies to work for them were the people who wanted to change. Those who did not want to change were the ones who made up the very small 2% that stopped the strategies from being 100% effective.

So why can't I just do it on my own?

That is exactly what I am getting at. You can do anger management strategies on your own, but you always need to keep in mind that "he who teaches himself has a fool for a teacher."

There are a lot of benefits you will receive from doing an anger management class. What you will find is that anger management is simple, but it is not always easy.

In an anger management class, you will find leaders who are so familiar with what is going on that they will be able to help you to get over the difficulties and hidden problems that tag along with anger. This is how come the time can be shortened to less than two months.

If the element of experienced guides were removed, the time would be much longer, and the success rates also much lower.

Two strategies you will use…

Having said all of that there are two things that are a part of all anger management strategies.

You will need to understand what makes you angry, and you need to be relaxed. Doing both of these are easy.

For the first one, start to take notice about when you are angry; get a notebook and when you become angry write about it. The circumstances and the people involved. The time of day, and the day of the week should all go into this journal.

Once you get a number of entries together you can then start looking for the things that seem common. With these, once you have these you can then make changes as you feel they will help you to stay less emotional.

A second thing to do is work with yourself until you are more relaxed. Set up a quiet time if not every day, then just about every day.

You want to purposely calm down more and more so that the things that make you angry today will not have as much of an effect on you if they happened tomorrow because you yourself are more relaxed than you were a week ago.

If you go to an anger management class, they will tell you where to go from here, but they will begin in this place. And if you were to do only these two you will still be able to find a certain measure of success.

These two anger management strategies will help you to calm your anger, do them.

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