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Your videos and ebook are being sent to your email address. Once you get the email just click on the links inside to download your ebook, and to see the videos. In these videos you are getting 21 ideas that are practical and very effective at calming anger.

In the videos I make the attempt to explain to you what to do and the reasons why you are doing it. I figure that if you know why you are doing these things it is easier for you to do it. Not only that, but you will also be on the lookout to see the results you get. And if you do what is explained in these videos results are what you are going to get.

I also want to ask you that you also become a part of the surveys and other ways of interacting with me and other people who visit the website. I have planned that by working with each other we would smarter and get anger working for us and not against us.

Right now, before you go for your videos, would you tell me exactly what it is that brought you here to our site today. If you would tell me this, it would help me by letting me know exactly what it is you are interested in knowing or doing, so that we can make sure that it happens.



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