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  • Why you should express your anger properly, and how a small change in the way you look at things can help you to stay calm and in control where in the past you would have struck out.
  • The more common ways that people express their anger, and how by knowing these, you can instantly interrupt your angry feelings and stay in control..
  • Methods for taking the difficulty out of expressingyour anger properly, so that you can you solve problems quicker with less opposition.
  • How to clear conflicts with the people you are angry with, so that you get peace with people and your body stays healthier longer.
  • How to express the anger you feel right now, without doing it in a way that brings up other problems for you.
  • What to do with the anger you still hold from the past, so that it can not hurt your heart and nervous systems any longer.
  • How to strengthen your expression so that expressing youranger becomes easier and easier to do, so that you can unload your emotions in a way that is not so offensive to others.
  • Learn to understand and use the most useful tool to help you understand and express your anger properly, so that you can get permanently free from anger.

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This is a 15 page Report giving a snapshot of what it takes to control your anger.  It uses the methods that others have used to get their anger under control.  It also talks about teen and childhood anger as well.  

Specifically, you'll discover...
  • How to improve your attitude and behavior like the other 96% of people who have done this.
  • The best ways to tell if your teen is having a problem with his anger, so that you would know if you need to make sure that he gets some help.
  • Understand how to break free from anger problems forever.
  • How to get your child to act more maturely when he gets angry.
  • More about how anger affects your health.
  • How to be sure that your anger levels have come down, so that you will know that you are handling your anger in the proper way.
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